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Our company introduced the first mirror projection systems to the world in 2005, and since then we have focussed on full-dome projection for fixed and mobile planetariums. Mirror Projection has many advantages over fisheye alternatives - cost, simplicity and better use of dome space. Equipment sits at the edge of the dome, not in the centre area, which adds to safety and security.

Cosmodome offers everything you need to set up a full-dome theatre - the projection system, the mirror and projector stand, the inflatable dome, and a wide range of programs and movies. While we have always offered a full system, we also point out the benefits in buying items from local sources for economy, service and warranty. We provide full back-up with technical support and advice.

About our Flexible New SHOWDOME System

Cosmodome was the first company to offer mirror full-dome projection, and our experience is a valuable asset for all our customers. In addition, we also run our own school outreach operation - that means we know the business as an operator as well as a seller.

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